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Keep your regulars up to date so that they always know when and where you are behind the bar.


The Best App Connecting Bartenders With Their Regulars

This app was designed for both bartenders and their regulars. Bartenders can easily update their shifts and grow their following and connect directly with their regulars. Regulars can easily follow their favorite bartenders and be kept up to date with any changes to their schedule.


Completing your profile and updating your schedule is as easy as serving up a nice cold refreshment in a bottle.


It's as easy as ever for your followers to find you. Have them open the app while at the bar and your profile will pop up! After accepting their request they will be able to see your schedule.


Your followers will be automatically notified about any changes to your shift schedule. You can also send out a message if you are having a slow day or have some spots open at the bar.


Only followers you approve will be able to view sensitive info like your shift schedule. You can remove followers at any time.

How Does The App Work?


Download the app and create a profile. You will be prompted for the basics like your first name and an optional picture.


Easily add shifts and keep your schedule up to date. You can even add special shift notes such as the daily special or any food deals.


After creating your profile and adding some shifts your regulars will be able to see your profile and send you a follow request. Have them open the app at the bar to easily find you. Accept requests and grow your following.


Adding a new shift or changing an already scheduled shift? Bartend at multiple locations? Don't worry, your followers will be notified and kept up to date. More regulars at the bar means more tips for you.

Loaded With Features You Would Absolutely Love.

We have plenty of features to improve the connection between bartenders and their regulars.


It's as easy as ever for regulars to follow you. Have them open the app at the bar and your profile will be at the top of the list! No complicated searching required.


Easily schedule shifts up to weeks in advance. Your followers will be updated of any changes to your schedule, including adding new shifts, changing an existing shift, or dropping a shift altogether.


Customize your profile by adding a status, special shift notes, or by taking pictures of your greatest creations!


Need to add/change/drop a shift last minute? Don't worry, your followers will receive a notification to keep them up to date.


Easily lookup nearby bartenders to follow. Discover new highly rated bartenders nearby and see what their regulars have to say about them.


Send a message to your favorite bartender. Let them know you are stopping by later and to save you a seat at the bar.


Help your bartender by endorsing them with a like or a comment


Check in when you are at the bar to rack up points towards something great.

Our Users Love Our App!

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This app is awesome. I'm able to update my shift schedule and keep my regulars up to date with automatic notifications. I can also send them a message letting them know there are some open spots at the bar so stop on in. It's so easy to use!

Matt M. Bartender
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I picked up a few bartending shifts at the local music festival. My regulars received a notification about this new shift, and a few of them who happened to be at the festival as well dropped by my tent for a drink and to say hello. It was great to see a familiar face in the midst of my shift!

Michael K. Bartender
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I work at two different bars and this app is a lifesaver for me. I don't have a set schedule and this app makes it easy for my regulars to see where and when I am serving. I would recommend this app to any bartender.

Alex B. Bartender
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I use this app to stay up to date with my favorite bartender's schedule. I never have to worry about showing up to the bar only to find out my favorite bartender isn't in today. I was also able to see which tent they were working at the summer festival. This app is so cool!

Patrick F. Regular

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